The Why

I started my machine design career in 2014 as a contract employee. After which, I bounced around from contract to contract designing custom machines for small to medium-sized businesses. Although I loved designing machines, there were frustrations I had when building machines for companies that weren’t set up to do it. I felt I could do it much more efficiently if I had a shop of my own, with all of the tools, space and software that I needed.

To design a machine, an employee will require a space to work, access to drafting software, and will often rely on local machine shops to produce prototype parts. Busy CNC shops often have weeks or months turnaround, which massively slows down progress and makes design iterations costly in both time and money. After the contract is up, the employee moves on to another job and takes with them most of the knowledge of the intricacies of the machine.

I started Viala Technologies to solve the frustrations I experienced as a contract employee. We have our own workspace with the tools and software we need for rapid prototyping. This allows us to work more efficiently and produce better machines all while reducing project duration by multiple times over. We’re better than an employee because we’ll be available whenever you need us without the need to keep us busy from 9 to 5. It’s a win win situation. We get to work more effectively doing what we love, and you get to hire us as a package which includes all of our experience, tools, industry contacts, software, and workspace.

It starts with a phone call or an email. We can talk to you about your ideas, and advise you on possible solutions. If it develops into a project we’d be delighted. If not, we’re happy to provide you whatever assistance we can.