The What

We contract to provide manufacturing equipment solutions. We design machines for niche applications where no commercially available machine will do the job. We also upgrade, or modify equipment to fit a specific application or enhance its abilities.

Here are some examples:

Example: You’re filling bottles of a liquid by hand and you’re finding it hard to consistently get just the right amount in each bottle. It’s also tedious and nobody likes doing it.
Possible Solution: We set up a system that measures the flow of liquid and shuts it off when just the right amount is dispensed.

Example: You want to make your production line ‘smarter’ by collecting metrics.
Possible Solution: We add sensors to your existing equipment to collect the data and send it to the cloud so you can view it from a web browser.

Example: You’re scaling your business in a new market and the available commercial machines just don’t work for your application. You want to develop your own IP to give you a market advantage.
Possible Solution: We work with you to design a machine from the ground up that is unique and tailored to your situation.